Bluedrop Becomes First Canadian Distributor of zSpace Real World Virtual Reality

Bluedrop Becomes First Canadian Distributor of zSpace Real World Virtual Reality

Halifax, NS, Canada, July 28, 2015 – Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc., a subsidiary of Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc., (“Bluedrop”) (TSX-V: BPL) is pleased to announce a new partnership with zSpace to bring their flagship product zSpace®, an immersive virtual reality learning environment, to Canada.

zSpace® is a virtual reality hardware and software platform that allows users to visualize, create and experience content in ways not possible with a traditional computer environment. The platform fits on a desktop and combines a high definition stereopsis, integrated head tracking with full motion parallax and a precision interactive stylus, so learning feels natural and completely immersive to the user. zSpace® allows users manipulate objects in a virtual world, as well as collaborate in the real world to understand subjects in a more comprehensive manner not derived from traditional learning methods.

Bluedrop intends to offer the zSpace® Labs system for training Canadian operators and maintainers of complex equipment. zSpace® will allow maintenance workers to safely and cost effectively learn highly challenging tasks that are often expensive, time consuming and dangerous to teach in the real world. Equipment rendering in the zSpace® environment is highly interactive, accurate, fully immersive and viewable from all angles. Trainees can apply the skills learned through zSpace® seamlessly onto equipment in the field.

“We are pleased to now offer this unique and innovative product which integrates very well with our current product line and leverages our 3D content,” said Carl Daniels, Vice President of Business Development, Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc. “We see great potential within the defence market and are honoured zSpace chose Bluedrop to offer their exceptional product to Canadians.”

“With this partnership, we are excited to discover new industrial markets in Canada and promote zSpace as a powerful training and simulation tool,” said Paul Kellenberger, CEO of zSpace, Inc. “Already showing success in schools, we are confident 3D visualization in the workforce is a natural fit for zSpace and trust that Bluedrop is the right partner”

Bluedrop is now offering the zSpace® virtual reality product from their training and simulation centre in Halifax, NS. For more information or to order, please contact us at

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Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc., a subsidiary of Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. (TSX-V: BPL), designs and develops advanced training systems and state-of-the-art simulation products to safely train operators and maintainers of complex equipment. Our approach leverages innovative technology to provide cost-effective blended-media training content, from classroom instruction and computer-based training (CBT) through to high-fidelity training devices. Located in Atlantic Canada, Bluedrop Training & Simulation is a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) providing a strong value proposition offering 100% Canadian designed and developed solutions. For more information, please visit

About zSpace zSpace is a leading-edge technology provider that delivers a new way of learning with its flagship product, zSpace®. Focused on STEM education, medical instruction, corporate training and research, zSpace inspires and accelerates understanding through immersive exploration. zSpace was recently named “Cool Vendor 2014” by Gartner, Inc. and awarded “3D Education Product of the Year” by the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society. zSpace is a privately held, venture backed company located in Sunnyvale, CA, and has filed more than 30 patents for its innovative technologies.

For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @zspace

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