Courseware Services

Bluedrop is Canada’s largest provider of Courseware combining a multifaceted expert approach to supplying courseware design and simulation.

Bluedrop holds considerable experience in large and complex training programs and we are the preferred supplier to large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and prime contractors providing experience in large and complex training programs.Courseware services include:

  • Computer-aided instruction
  • Computer-based training
  • Training coordination
  • Training programs and In-Service Support (ISS)
  • Schoolhouse format operations and instruction
  • Learninglogics®

Our expert personnel provide detailed support and maintain a range of training equipment from desktop trainers, to high fidelity rear crew, and full flight simulators.

Bluedrop provides remote and on-site staff for program sustainment activities such as training courseware and technical publications upkeep. We support client programs across Canada and the United States and manage the logistics that assist with planning and developing support requirements for military forces.

Our in-service support ensures our clients achieve maximum mission success, by providing a comprehensive all-encompassing solution.

Bluedrop utilizes developers and training staff to provide an all-inclusive training and program delivery experience. Our domain experts, flight trainers, and naval systems trainers are just a few of the team that will support you every step of the way.

Bluedrop’s performance support systems and instructor-led training combine for a seamless delivery of your courseware needs.