What We Do
What We Do

Innovative Training & Interactive Technologies

Courseware Design / Software & Simulation

  • Largest provider of courseware in Canada
  • Considerable experience in large and complex training programs
  • Preferred supplier to large OEMs and Prime Contractors

Delivery & In-Service Support

Bluedrop provides In-Service Support (ISS) services for large aerospace and defence training programs and training centers around the world. Bluedrop’s subject matter experts support and maintain a wide range of training equipment from desktop trainers, high fidelity rear crew devices, and full flight simulators. Bluedrop also provides bespoke sustainment activities and support services such as maintenance and administration of training courseware and technical publications.

We proudly support aerospace and defence clients and their training programs around the world. From managing logistics to developing support solutions, Bluedrop understands the imperatives of training military forces. Our in-service support ensures our clients achieve maximum mission success, by providing comprehensive all-encompassing solutions in support of their operational mandates.

Training Needs Analysis

At Bluedrop, we integrate the Systems Approach to Training (SAT) methodology with industry-standard systems; instructional, engineering and software development processes; sound project management principles; and strict quality standards.

Bluedrop’s Subject Matter Experts provide complete Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Training Media Analysis (TMA) to ensure training will be efficient and provide complete training coverage. In collaboration with Bluedrop’s experienced Instructional Designers (IDs) and multimedia team, training courseware is designed produced and delivered in a most efficient manner. Bluedrop has acquired extensive experience on defense programs by participating in almost all major Canadian military programs.

The result is a tested, proven design, development and implementation methodology that meets the unique nature of a customized, technology-based training solution. Bluedrop provides its customers with cost-effective performance focused training.

Courseware & Technical Documentation

  • Instructor-led training
  • Computer-aided instruction
  • Computer-based training
  • All tracked and managed through Bluedrop’s Learning Management System

Resource Augmentation

  • Schoolhouse Operations
  • Training Coordination
  • Courseware Instruction
  • Training Program Support


Bluedrop’s simulators help teach mission critical skills in a completely safe, yet true-to-life environment that responds to land, air or sea dynamics and operator inputs. The simulators provide substantial cost savings over live training. Bluedrop’s suite of training simulators use state-of-the-art Virtual Reality (VR) and full haptic devices to enhance fidelity and training outcomes.

Trainees practice helicopter communications, realistic gunnery and the physics of swinging loads in challenging scenarios that will likely arise in their future operations. Trainees will also learn how to properly engage, lead and lag targets in a nonthreatening environment that offers enormous resource savings. Our Immersive Virtual Training is fully configurable to any fuselage type.

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Training Program Delivery

  • Training Support Staff
  • Domain Experts
  • Technical Resources
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Web-based Training
  • Performance Support Systems
  • Flight Trainers
  • Naval Systems Trainers
  • Land Domain

Learninglogics®: Learning management tool of choice for defense:

  • Training Document Manager (TDM): A tool that provides curriculum structure.
  • Learning Content Management System: Powerful tool that manages all aspects of Learning and Technical Documentation
  • Learning Management System: Integrated set of technology that manages all aspects of learning content delivery

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Technical Publications

  • Writing and Updating of Technical Publications
  • Publications Management Services
  • Graphic and Illustration Services
  • Electronic Publishing Services
  • Project Management

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