Bluedrop’s innovative Hoist Mission Training System achieves major milestone and is ready for training

Halifax, NS, Canada, August 10, 2018 – Bluedrop Training & Simulation achieved a major milestone for its Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) in July 2018. The HMTS has achieved Final Acceptance of its innovative new Virtual Reality rescue hoist training product at 12 Wing Shearwater and is Ready For Training. The first cohort of trainees are expected in September. The new CH-148 virtual reality Hoist Mission Training System (HMTS) will provide crews the ability to complete mission specific hoist and crew communication evolutions in operationally relevant environments. As one of the first virtual reality rear-crew mission training simulators available within the RCAF, this simulator will enhance crew readiness at reduced risk and cost while maximizing the value of flight operations. Bluedrop has worked closely with 12 Wing to tailor simulator capabilities to address basic and advanced crew training requirements. The HMTS allows the trainee to practice mission critical skills in a safe, true-to-life environment. Trainees practice realistic rescue and hoisting operations in challenging scenarios complete with realistic cable behaviour that responds to flight dynamics and operator inputs.