Arctic / Offshore Patrol Ship (A/OPS) Project & Virtual Ship Model

Bluedrop developed the Training Needs Analysis and Report for all marine and ship systems for A/OPS. A Personnel Requirements Report was produced that covered all the ships’ planned missions and tasks that analyzed and provided details on the A/OPS crew compliment governing the quantity, rank, rate and qualifications of each crew.

This project marks the first time the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) used synthetic enabling and performance checks for Initial Cadre Training (ICT) to be completed before the ship is. Canada already benefits from this approach, because the actual time for sailors to complete confirmation checks on the ship will be greatly reduced.

Scope of Work: 

• Definition Phase work for Fleetway (Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Tier 1):

• Personnel Requirements Report.

• Training Needs Analysis Report.

Implementation Phase (Training Courseware Development):

• A/OPS Training Program Plan.

• e-learning style guide.

• Training documentation QSPs and Course Control Documents (CCDs).

• Developed approximately 320 hours of Computer Based Training (CBT) courseware and delivered over the Defence Learning Network (DLN).

Standard compliance for delivery: 




• Checked scope of content.

• Conducted end-user analysis.

• Analyzed information.

• Drafted theoretical and procedural content.

• Reviewed relevance and usefulness of written material and manuals.

• Created Student workbooks, User Manuals and Student guides.