Army Learning Support Centre Gagetown: Courseware Production Support

Since 2013, Bluedrop has subcontracted to Calian Group Ltd. to provide courseware for the DND at the Army Learning Support Centre (ALSC) at the Combat Training Centre (CTC) in Gagetown, New Brunswick. Bluedrop’s team augments DND’s base e-learning production capability and provides a full cadre of e-learning support services. The multidisciplinary team from Bluedrop consists of 16 positions for instructional designers, e-learning product programmers, and quality assurance. Bluedrop’s tasks include both development and acceptance testing of the courseware to DND’s project schedule. Bluedrop has worked on a range of bilingual courseware from the five schools at the base—Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Artillery; Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, SME, Infantry and Tactics—including leadership, real property management, software training, occupational and equipment training, drills, tactics and ballistics.

Courses Delivered

• CFSME’s Heavy Equipment Operator

• CFSME’s Junior Reality Assessment Management (JRAM)

• Ethical Leadership

• Servicing Fuel, Air and Cooling Systems

• Firing Range Safety

• Armour Reserve Squadron Commander

• Tactic’s School LFAA Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ)

Training Documentation:

• Process Development Documentation (ID storyboarding, peer review, standard operating procedures, etc.)

• Quality Assurance Test Plan

• Training Plans

• Courseware Design Documents

Standard compliance for delivery: 

• Instructor-led modules

• Self-paced modules

• Storyboards

• Enabling checks

• Performance checks

• Multimedia development

• Courseware prototypes and beta tests

• Bilingual products